Welcome to our brand new website

It is my honor to welcome you to our website.

I played football in six different countries for 30 years. I’ve had a fantastic time and the possibility to see many great places and I have friends all over the world. And thanks to football I also became a better and more open person.

Now it is my turn to give something back! Together with the other board members we are proud to introduce the Quality Options Foundation! Quality Options Foundation is the result of hard work. Its operations and organization is shaped by the expertise of many professionals from many different sectors. The common factor for all of them is the passion and love for football.
Our mission is to help clubs/academies to have a permanent quality boost and in this way to help talents to achieve their dreams.

Social responsibility is our other important mission; We help and ‘push’ clubs/academies to cooperate with schools for the better education and social behavior. Healthy lifestyle is not only important for the players but also for the parents and the whole community. With projects and charity work we can make local and international a big difference for many people.

Companies are welcome to support our talent development and social projects. We bring local and international companies together. So that they have contacts in many different countries and can generate extra business.

We will continue to work hard, because talent development never stops!

I wish everyone a great 2017!

Joonas Kolkka
Chairman of the Quality Options Foundation

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