Partners are important to us. We want to create an extensive network, which allows us to assist and support players, coaches, clubs and academies. At the same time, we want to open up new networking opportunities for businesses and investors that are linked to our global partners. Our current global work has provided a variety of opportunities for international companies to explore new potential partnerships whilst simultaneously offering a chance to expand their network.

RKC Waalwijk
PSV Eindhoven
Sportmax Pro
FC Lahti
Lions FC
Brabant United

Main partners

Our main partners are PSV Eindhoven and Eerikkilä Sports Institute. The Eerikkilä sports institute in Finland is a stunning football center, which has for years studied and followed the players’ overall development.

The Foundation is an awesome opportunity to follow the development of research and to use these results in their own version only. As well as we can bring  teams and players to be tested in institute.

In addition, we have a close cooperation with the Hungarian company, Sport Max Pro. takes care of our clothing and material.