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Founded in 2012 by retired professional international football player, and UEFA-A qualified youth coach at PSV Eindhoven’s Youth Academy, Joonas Kolkka, we provide support, advice and guidance to football clubs worldwide, supporting them in their journey to achieve the highest possible professional level.

Not only do we provide support, advice and guidance technical staff (including trainers and leaders) and work with the players of the club itself, we also advice football management on an organisational level.

Unique in our programs is the opportunity for talented players to engage in player exchange programs at the youth academies of top level international clubs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help players reach their potential, through the provision of a comprehensive football program educating, guiding and training talent in a professional setting from grassroots levels. We aim to do this by creating a professional (youth) football organisation with a strong structure and organisation in football, finance and business, with the view of supporting the development of players and staff.

Underpinning this is the Foundation’s belief that activities must take place in an international network for exchange of knowledge and expertise of football, finance and business.

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Our team

All over the world

We are supported by PSV Eindhoven’s Youth Academy and are proud to use the PSV coaches, know-how and name. We monitor and report the development of co-operation of clubs and talented players to PSV.

We are creating a global network and have already operated in more than 10 countries including the USA, Hungary, Finland, the Netherlands and Australia. Since inception, we have worked with our global networks to offer high-quality football clinics, utilising professional qualified coaches, many of whom have played at an international level themselves. These programs have been customised to reflect the requirements of the individual clubs and players, with coaches specifically chosen to reflect the specialist requirements of the organisation. Partners, sponsors and investors have also benefited from their cooperation with us, experiencing football through opportunities and experiences in the world of football.

Our goal is to extend our global network even further, providing unique opportunities for both football clubs, individual players and companies around the world alike.

Our ambassadors

  • André Ooijer
      André Ooijer
    • Remco Oversier
        Remco Oversier
      • Ernest Stewart
          Ernest Stewart
        • Robert Maaskant
            Robert Maaskant
          • Jan van Loon
              Jan van Loon

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